Reflections on Incwadi

The second issue of Incwadi is now out. Or would that be up? What is the correct term for an online journal? Any ideas?

Anyway, for those who have not yet discovered it, Incwadi is a lovely new online journal of poetry and photographs. The first issue appeared in October 2009 and it is expected to come out twice a year, in Autumn and Spring.  Kudos to the editor, Ingrid Andersen (herself a fine poet) for putting together a wonderful collection of words and images. I hope to see many more issues.

On a personal note, I was honoured to have two poems in the Spring 2009 issue . The latest issue contains one of my poems,  Reflections, along with work by poets such as Gary Cummiskey, Isobel Dixon, Finuala Dowling, Michelle McGrane, Kobus Moolman, Dan Wylie and Fiona Zerbst, to mention but a few. Why not visit the site to see who else is there and enjoy the poems.


3 thoughts on “Reflections on Incwadi

  1. Perhaps one would say “up”? (The second issue of Incwadi is now up?)

    I think Ingrid’s done a marvellous job.

    Congratulations on ‘Reflections’, Crystal.

  2. Thanks Michelle.

    I also loved your two poems. Ingrid has brought together a wonderful collection. It is an honour to be in such good company.

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