Feel it, it is here!

The calm before the storm

Now that I finally have a phone that takes decent photographs, and have figured out how to get the photographs off the phone, I thought it might be fun to keep a sort of festival photo diary, with at least one photo from every day.

It feels as though the festival is starting off slowly. This week there have been posters going up, but not as many as I would have expected.  Yesterday (Wednesday 29 June) I walked through Church Square which was strangely quiet.  A few traders were busy setting up their stalls, and the food vans seemed to be well set up. 
Today the square will look very different. I walked past on my way to work to see it full of people fighting the fierce wind as they set up tables and tents. I was tempted to take a photograph but feared that my camera would blow away. Yes, the wind was that strong.
Waiting waiting for the bus

Wednesday night, walking home from work I saw a strange object on the path ahead. Why, I wondered, would someone leave a wooden bench on the side of the road? Had some play lost its prop?

The mystery was solved when I got to the bench. There is now a proper, well-marked bus stop for the Hopper, the festival transport. It is good that they are clearly marked, people have often complained of not being able to find the bus stop. And a bench is a good idea. But I am not so sure of the wisdom of putting a dark brown wooden bench on the bicycle path, with no lights nearby. Any cyclists in town had best beware. Hopefully someone in charge will see the problem and move the bench on to the pedestrian path before there is an accident.  Or should we call that spontaneous street theatre?

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