The blog is back!

After more than three years I slowly return to blogging. Perhaps this time I will be able to sustain it a bit better.

Part of my problem was that my email changed and I foolishly forgot to update my details on the blog site. So when I thought about going back online I couldn’t remember my password, and couldn’t get it resent to me. There is a reason I am a writer not a computer fundi.

I was tempted to abandon this blog completely and start a new one. But, as often happens when you start to think about writing, as I journalled about the possibilities I got good ideas, including remembering the password. I often say that I think better with a pen in my hand. This week has given me concrete proof of this.

So, logged on, email updated, design refreshed and now I am ready to go. Now all I need is something to say. And the motivation to keep saying it. Which sort of sums up the writing life doesn’t it.


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