Small stones about small people

One of the many joys of spending my holiday with my family is the presence of my niece and nephews, who have inspired two of the small stone poems so far


Small stones 3 – Elevation

take three children
add a trampoline
expect exuberance

apply daily doses
for the duration of holiday
see spirits soar as bodies bounce


Small stone 6 – Epiphany

The tree is dismantled
The decorations packed away
The children help, reluctantly
Little left of the joy
Of the reverse operation.


Two small stones

1 The West Coast Wind

it whistles and howls
prowling around the house
it rattles windows and slams doors
it blows the washing off the line
it blows the holiday-makers off the beach
clouds race across the sky
plants cling to their pots
trees sway, struggling to maintain their dignity
hands thrown up in disgust and despair
and the sand dances
over the dunes

2 – Incandescent

I lie in a white room:

white roof, nearly white walls

covered with black and white photographs.

The bedding is white,

as is the door, and the blinds,

closed to keep out the light.

If I looked in the mirror

my face would be white.

But I do not look.

I close my eyes,

seeking refuge in darkness

which is seared by white lightning.

Mindful Writing Challenge 2013

It is a new year. A time to reflect on the year that has passed and to think about the year ahead. Many of us will make resolutions. Many of us will break those resolutions. But regardless of how well we succeed, setting new goals and thinking about what is important is a useful exercise.


One of my resolutions for 2013 is to write more. Another is to resurrect this long-neglected blog.  As I was thinking about how this could best be achieved (knowing that I am full of good ideas but not so good with the discipline of maintaining them) I came across a really interesting writing challenge for January.


The challenge is to notice something every day, really paying attention to it, and then to write about it. I like the idea of paying attention, of being more mindful, of being aware of the world around me, and my inner landscape. My hope is that if I can do this every day in January the habit will stick and I can keep on with one of my hopes, which was to write a poem each day, a sort of poetic diary.


But that is for later. For January all I have to do is to commit to paying attention and to writing something every day. The organisers of the challenge refer to these as “small stones” which is a lovely image. For more information on the challenge see


Perhaps some of you will join in this challenge. My aim is to post the small stones that I write here, and hopefully a few other entries as well. Watch this space…