It is coming!

No, I am not referring to that small sports event being held in South Africa.  I am talking about the National Arts Festival, starting in Grahamstown on 20 July 1010.

This is an annual extravaganza of art, with music, drama, dance, comedy, crafts, exhibitions, talks and much more. Grahamstown is transformed as thousands of artists, performers, stall holders and festinos flood into town. Even is you don’t attend a single show, the people watching potential of this event is enormous.

I love the festival, and am always excited when it finally starts. But I must admit that after a week I am getting tired and irritable and am quite ready for everyone to go home. So how I will cope with an extra long festival remains to be seen. While most events that usually happen in June and July  have been cancelled or rescheduled (you know, that small sporting event that we won’t mention), for some strange reason the organisers of the arts festival felt it would be a good idea to extend the run. From 10  to 15 days.

We are waiting to see if this is really a good idea. On the one hand, we might get a lot of extra visitors. Either foreign tourists who have come to South Africa to watch sport and decided to take a break from soccer for a bit of culture. And then there are South Africans from the host cities trying to avoid the sport. So this could be a bumper festival. On the other hand, it might be very quiet. I wonder how many people really want to travel at this time, what with expensive tickets and crowded airports to contend with.  And some days or nights it will pose a dilemma for festinos – do I got to a show, or do I stay at home and watch soccer?

In my case the answer will usually be  – go to a show. I already have several shows booked, and will add a few more to the list. I will blog about the shows I attend, here and on facebook. And will most likely be talking about little else over the next few weeks.

Let the games begin show start.