Changing name

If anyone has actually been reading this blog from the beginning you will have noticed the name changing a few times. As a writer I find the titles to be the most difficult part of writing a poem, and it seems a blog is not very different.

A new year, a new title. Which will hopefully be the permanent name. I wanted to use the title of one of my poems and decided to go with The Crystal Calligrapher. Not only do I really like the poem, but after a life time of people making puns about my name, I figured I was entitled to do it too.

The poem The Crystal Calligrapher speaks about writing, which is the prime topic of this blog, and about painting with light; which is rather what we are doing as we blog. My words will be read, not on a page, but on a computer screen. I also like the idea of each entry being frozen in time, left to linger in cyberspace long after it was written, even after the writer has forgotten it and readers have faded away. Yet our words remain.

The Crystal Calligrapher (first published in Carapace)

the crystal calligrapher

is frozen in time

pen ever poised

painting with light